Mr. Pip (feat. Ashley Imani, Shirley Chisholm, & Prod. By KC Anderson and The Most Art)

from by Jones

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Something bout the light when I walk in the club. The way it hit me. No chain on but I shine.
I ain’t Money Mitch. More like Mr. Pibb how I try to kick game. Gotta sit and watch my niggas die.
I been working on a new flow to hit em wit.
They been saying Jones is the man and you still ain’t take me serious, but I have my theories.
Never left it to chance it’s part of the plan. Rejected by man. J
ones the Tyrant. Rappers are Kings. I wouldn’t expect a figure head to understand what’s not common to man.
Checked my phone 20 times before I left the house. Hit my homies up. Told them boys I’m in route.
Can’t put her finger on it. She can’t figure out why I’m different. Then I told her I ain’t from the south.
We got to talking and dancing.
She said she divorced and tonight she feel careless.
Don’t need no sympathy.
Everything’s planned.
Out with her daughter but she live on campus.
Guess I’m her man then right.
By the way that she talking.
I’m grabbing her hands we’re like slow dancing and walking.
The quietest kept secret in the H right now.
Looking at Puff pre Ma$e right now.
TI no Tiny. Just get right beside me. The limit is far as the space right now. Go head go head. Shawty swing my way.
Slow dance slow dance. Found love on a Friday.

We get it we get it we get it in sometimes yeah. We get it in sometimes. We get it in sometimes yeah. X 2

Got the world in my hands.
Mic in my palm.
The girl on my arm is the flyest.
Jones walk in the room have a camera or two.
Throwback Kodak cause they priceless.
Channel black power, righteous.
As I sit back and write this can’t help but get excited.
I know sisters gone like it.
Come june you won’t deny it.
Coupeseason gone be timeless.
One time for the nerds in the streets and thugs in the books and the women that's the finest.
There’s a feeling in the air. Yeah.
A feeling in the air.
My neocortex created a vortex all love I’ll forfeit tonight cause I don’t care.

We get it we get it we get it in sometimes yeah. We get it in sometimes. We get it in sometimes yeah. X 2


from Coupeseason (Power), released September 16, 2015
Feat. Ashley Imani, Shirley Chisholm, and Prod. By KC Anderson and The Most Art
Mixed by Trakksounds



all rights reserved


Jones Houston, Texas

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