Coupeseason (Power)

by Jones

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released September 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Jones Houston, Texas

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Track Name: I Get It (feat. C. Rich & Prod. by E. White, Stokely Carmichael)
I get it
I get it

I gotta convince you that I’m hot.
Convince you that I want the spot.
I gotta prove to you that I’m the man.
Ask them girls, they’ll tell you that.
But I get it. I don’t feel you. I get it.
When it come to this paper I tell my haters I get it.
Them clothes and them cars, you’d think I was a star. I get it.
Went to school and was a nerd and still a nigga balled.

Let’s get one thing clear.
It was understated I had the tape of the year, yeah the tape of the year.
But they confusing the fact that no chain don’t mean I don’t drop jewels in my raps.
Oh boy don’t make me act up, the worst thing you can face is a black man with his bachelors or I would say a black man with his Masters,
but that could mean a couple things I sit that on my shelf and young niggas don’t touch my ladder.
Does it matter that when I’m in the club I never act up, but I lace it on the tracks so that them thugs all throw they traps up, and they all fists.
When did it come to this? I guess they heard my shit. It’s all consciousness.
Profit shift, that’s profit share when I get there that mean we all on.
They need dope, I spit Heroin in every song.
So get addicted cause them kids need it. And hurry up cause most of em feinin. And I get it.

I get it (repeat)

Excuse me, hey Mr. Shakur.
If they really listened to you, they’ll stay in school.
So I’m looking around the crowd for some Pac fans.
All I’m left with is me and a couple of my friends,
but they don’t really understand or feel my position.
Well, some of em do, but then I claim they don’t listen.
I be trippin in the crib just feeding my mind cause I know everyday we fightin for time.
I’m a slave to my craft and I don’t wanna think about it.
Always slave to something, now the job got me thinking bout it.
So I hit the bar and I’m trynna get a drink up out it.
Trynna find a girl, you know the one. Don’t make me think about her.
She told me. That it’s okay. It’s okay. (I get it) Young and living baby, you’re just living baby and I get it.

Tell my niggas I’m wit it and Imma fight till the day they put me in the ground.
I get it.
So never question my intentions when I’m in or when I’m outta town. Cause I get it.
Told em life ain’t all about paper, but you gotta get paper.
Do whatever it’s taking. I get it.
Head up see through them haters.
Got no time to be patient.
If you want it, go take it.

Imma ride for my niggas. Die for my niggas. At the end of the day I’m still down for my niggas. Always.
Kick knowledge to my niggas. Empower my niggas. At the end of the day it’s still power to the people. Always.
Track Name: TDK (feat. Amanda Rea & Prod. by The Most Art)
Give it all that I got.
Feels like I got a hole in my chest, brain hurt and my lungs collapse.
And they don’t know bout that work we put in every night. Got that right. Oh it’s gone show.

Give me a minute.
Minute is all that I need.
A moment to breathe. Take a puff of this weed to set my mind free.
I mean to help me speak my mind.
Hope I don’t lose my job off that last line.
It’ll get better I guess it all takes time.
I mean I don’t even do tracks like this.
Fuck it. I’m out in Cali so how could I not do tracks like this.
Tried to say I’m frustrated. Damn right cause I am.
Sick and tired of helping out friends.
Sick and tired of bullshit they portray in the news and the fact that niggas is buying in.
Sick and tired of riding around with a strap.
Explain to TSA why it’s in my bag.
Just catching a plane. Riding in J’s.
Got ‘em thinking that niggas know how to act.
Give me a minute girl imma put you on yo back.
Say it’s platonic and I don’t know about that.
But they don’t know bout that work we put in every night got that right. Oh it’s gone show.
And I’m getting too deep on her so I gotta pull back.
Critics tell me to dumb it down when I speak to ‘em and I don’t know about that.
You see, the president is just a commander and you niggas treating him as he is God.
If they gone continue to kill all our people then Baltimore started it off.
I mean how could you live in the north and not think that we’d figure it out.
The Boston Tea party that there was a riot – the fuck is you talking about.
So I’mma sit back and just sip my OE wit my niggas they label us thugs.
Actually I’mma go work this degree.
Pimp y’all like y’all pimping us and now y’all know bout that work we put in every night.
Oh it’s gone show.
Track Name: Hip Hop (feat. H. Rap Brown)
I just wanna make love. I just wanna make love

What’s sleep cause I ain’t getting it.
If she in heat I ain’t hitting it.
Screamin fuck em, fuck em, fuck em all. That’s what my dog say.
Fuck it, nail em to the cross is what the law say.
Steady focused on the wrong things.
Misdirected effort can turn into the wrong dreams.
Looking for a wife. I should be looking for a mentor.
Looking at the Bible every night, I wish it meant more.
I mean the sky is is bright, but it’s dim for the kids whose only light at night is the 10-4.
I been sitting in this empty condo for months.
Back and forth I’m yelling at God. What you want?
We done bargained enough.
Took my older brother and my first love.
A couple shots at my uncle head. If that wasn’t enough,
got a letter from the Dean that told me take some time off.
Round the time my momma turned my grandma life support off.

Make Love. To Hip Hop. I just wanna make love to hip hop. (repeat)

It’s time that we call on our leaders.
Culture is power complete with love in the hour you need it,
and we won’t tolerate neither gentrification of spaces, continued languish of people.
Did too much for this country my brothers mustn’t be feeble.
Still bussin’ the sequel.
Displacement hurtin our people.
Can I roll in my beemer and live the shit that I’m speaking?
Now she can tell that I’m thinking while in her waves and I’m sinking.
Lost a lot to this world. Found hip hop so we even.

I just wanna make love to hip hop
Track Name: Sit Back (feat. Bailee, T. Grant, & Prod. By Nomed Beats)
Sit back and feel the breeze from my AC.
Blowing while flowing not knowing what the day brings.
At day break I be chilling with my main squeeze, laid back posted not worried bout a damn thing.
Truth is I ain’t even got a 9-5. Sitting in the crib contemplating how will I survive.
Thought about selling drugs. I ain’t gone lie, but I could never do that type of damage to my mother’s psychy.
I’mma gone help you out since you think you physic.
Try to tell the truth, but when I do they never like it.
That goes for women, but it also goes for brothas too cause they can be more feminine than women to tell the truth.
These other rappers, whew, them boys changing now.
Need to chill out cause them drugs is obviously aging y’all.
I’m in love with the coco.
Well, where I come from that’s a no no.
If you gone hustle, my nigga, then get ya hustle on.
Can’t be about that life and have time to put it in every song.
It’s serendipitous. She heard me on the radio, true.
They played that soulful then she went and played my tape for her crew.
The place she’d rather be is with me living happily not with a man who’s half of me – the type of shit she tells to me.
I give her clarity. Her mind and body bare with me.
But I could never marry her cause she could do that shit to me.

I can see through you.
When I’m with you there’s no rules to break. No damage to do. (Yea I hear you talking. Ion’t wanna take it there.)
I can’t see through you.
When I’m with you there no rules to break no love for these fools. (don’t you got a man. I ain’t wanna take it there.)

All my eggs in a basket. That’s the reason it broke.
Insomniac. Cant’ sleep at night. My ex the reason I smoke.
Didn’t want me back then and that’s the reason I’m dope.
I guess all that thuggin left a lot of ‘em broke.
In fort wayne things changed and everything ain’t the same.
Since my uncle hit this girl I wanted back at 13.
Now there’s no way in hell that that made me a man, but since that day I’ll let nobody fuck me over again.
Harsh words from this man as you sit back and propogate,
but let one thing slide and niggas think that they ice skaters.
Words Ike haters till the point the boys in the cypher hate em.
Heard ‘em talking shit, but no courtesy call anialate them.
Prince-able states that I not respond to em, but precident is set I gotta flex and drop a bomb on em.
Wish that I could go back a couple minutes just to tell my younger self hey nigga you ain’t got no time for em.

I can see through you.
When I’m with you there’s no rules to break. No damage to do. (Yea I hear you talking. Ion’t wanna take it there.)
I can’t see through you.
When I’m with you there no rules to break no love for these fools. (don’t you got a man. I ain’t wanna take it there.)
Track Name: Mr. Pip (feat. Ashley Imani, Shirley Chisholm, & Prod. By KC Anderson and The Most Art)
Something bout the light when I walk in the club. The way it hit me. No chain on but I shine.
I ain’t Money Mitch. More like Mr. Pibb how I try to kick game. Gotta sit and watch my niggas die.
I been working on a new flow to hit em wit.
They been saying Jones is the man and you still ain’t take me serious, but I have my theories.
Never left it to chance it’s part of the plan. Rejected by man. J
ones the Tyrant. Rappers are Kings. I wouldn’t expect a figure head to understand what’s not common to man.
Checked my phone 20 times before I left the house. Hit my homies up. Told them boys I’m in route.
Can’t put her finger on it. She can’t figure out why I’m different. Then I told her I ain’t from the south.
We got to talking and dancing.
She said she divorced and tonight she feel careless.
Don’t need no sympathy.
Everything’s planned.
Out with her daughter but she live on campus.
Guess I’m her man then right.
By the way that she talking.
I’m grabbing her hands we’re like slow dancing and walking.
The quietest kept secret in the H right now.
Looking at Puff pre Ma$e right now.
TI no Tiny. Just get right beside me. The limit is far as the space right now. Go head go head. Shawty swing my way.
Slow dance slow dance. Found love on a Friday.

We get it we get it we get it in sometimes yeah. We get it in sometimes. We get it in sometimes yeah. X 2

Got the world in my hands.
Mic in my palm.
The girl on my arm is the flyest.
Jones walk in the room have a camera or two.
Throwback Kodak cause they priceless.
Channel black power, righteous.
As I sit back and write this can’t help but get excited.
I know sisters gone like it.
Come june you won’t deny it.
Coupeseason gone be timeless.
One time for the nerds in the streets and thugs in the books and the women that's the finest.
There’s a feeling in the air. Yeah.
A feeling in the air.
My neocortex created a vortex all love I’ll forfeit tonight cause I don’t care.

We get it we get it we get it in sometimes yeah. We get it in sometimes. We get it in sometimes yeah. X 2
Track Name: Library (feat. Prod. by Jrobonthetrack)
Let’s be real ain’t no other brother kickin shhhh like I do.
And be real, you leave me who gone hit that shhhh like I do.
This beat ill. Can’t no other rapper spit that shhhh like I do.
Them big wheels. Ain’t nobody gone whip my shhhh like I do.

Went up to Chi-town didn’t think I’d make it there.
Now I’m down in H town, them brothas hate me here.
Trynna let em off the hook her lip stick trace in here.
Hummin and comin at ya boy ain’t no Xscape’n it.
Hit em with the 1 2 somethin like I’m Ali.
Left that boy outside I valet his body.
Come get em. Told his boys to come get em.
Ain’t lay a finger on em, but them punch lines killed em.
I’m a real MC. Think 90s with a modern flow.
No OG, but think about it before you try me though.
Something like sushi, introduce you to some raw fish.
Body disconnected from yo head like some crawfish.
I be lowkey so please don’t bother me.
A nerd I be reading so please don’t bother me.
Chillin wit my people so please don’t bother me.
Ain’t got a dollar homie, but feel like I hit the lottery.
I spit conscous so maybe I think they tired of me, but I don’t give a damn cause Regenia she said she proud of me.
If you don’t tell me I’m the best I think you doubting me.
Yo name goes on a list with a picture await fatality.
Finish him and be real.
When the last time you seen a rapper this handsom? Neva.
Give her a pen.
Write ya number down tonight I’m feeling old fashion. Fa real.
Time kills. At least that’s what I seen by yo facebook post.
You hate me? Watch this gurantee you gone hate me more.

Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. I ain’t playin wit ya. Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. I ain’t playin wit ya.

She say she love me and I think I figured out why. These wack rappers whole albums couldn’t fuck with one line.
They call em mixtapes just to get the buzz out.
I threw this on my mixtape just to put yo subs out.
Cause in the library women stay whispering.
Love what I’m writing and even more when there’s pictures there.
Picture this. I be straight whipping down Bissonnett.
Moved down south now I’m ice gold grillin it. (Keep up).
Isn’t it something. A lot of niggas is frontin.
Got a lot of young thuggas and none of em saying nothing.
I put that on my life gone shine a light on yo hideout. Got a million niggas, instead of sit ins we gone ride out.
Track Name: COUPESEASON I - 'Million Men Marchin' (feat. Prod. By E.White)
Beautiful things happen when them leaves fall.
Like September 16th when a star was born.
An older brother with a coward for a dad he never met before.
So I’m the first that my mother and my father bore.
I guess it’s sibling war from the beginning.
I wanna stop but I’m not Abel Cain’t escape the feeling.
I knew that shit was different.
A twelve year old so who would listen.
The Dr. said he was infected with the streets and that it would kill him.
If we ain’t check the symptoms, another black man in the system.
Middle class so I guess we missed him.
Hmmm. I found a problem. I think they writing novels the way they killing black men with every sentence.
Give it to the pen.
Donald Goines write until a fault. Write until the end.
A souvenier for the time I’m here.
It’s weird.
But I give my all.
The hustle was just a part of it.
Who would think this all started with stealing Iversons.
But nonetheless I must confess.
I love this life and I love success,
but deep in my heart I still have regrets.
It’s fucked up the position from which you started brother.
I am a martyr for you.

This what it sounds like when a million niggas marchin.
This what it sounds like, this what it sounds like when a million niggas marchin.
And it’s still Coupeseason my nigga what’s your vehicle.
A million men marchin. (Keep Up)
This what it sounds like, this what it sounds like when a million niggas marchin.
And it’s still Coupeseason my nigga what’s your vehicle.