Library (feat. Prod. by Jrobonthetrack)

from by Jones

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Let’s be real ain’t no other brother kickin shhhh like I do.
And be real, you leave me who gone hit that shhhh like I do.
This beat ill. Can’t no other rapper spit that shhhh like I do.
Them big wheels. Ain’t nobody gone whip my shhhh like I do.

Went up to Chi-town didn’t think I’d make it there.
Now I’m down in H town, them brothas hate me here.
Trynna let em off the hook her lip stick trace in here.
Hummin and comin at ya boy ain’t no Xscape’n it.
Hit em with the 1 2 somethin like I’m Ali.
Left that boy outside I valet his body.
Come get em. Told his boys to come get em.
Ain’t lay a finger on em, but them punch lines killed em.
I’m a real MC. Think 90s with a modern flow.
No OG, but think about it before you try me though.
Something like sushi, introduce you to some raw fish.
Body disconnected from yo head like some crawfish.
I be lowkey so please don’t bother me.
A nerd I be reading so please don’t bother me.
Chillin wit my people so please don’t bother me.
Ain’t got a dollar homie, but feel like I hit the lottery.
I spit conscous so maybe I think they tired of me, but I don’t give a damn cause Regenia she said she proud of me.
If you don’t tell me I’m the best I think you doubting me.
Yo name goes on a list with a picture await fatality.
Finish him and be real.
When the last time you seen a rapper this handsom? Neva.
Give her a pen.
Write ya number down tonight I’m feeling old fashion. Fa real.
Time kills. At least that’s what I seen by yo facebook post.
You hate me? Watch this gurantee you gone hate me more.

Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. I ain’t playin wit ya. Hit the floor and kill it. Hit the floor and kill it. I ain’t playin wit ya.

She say she love me and I think I figured out why. These wack rappers whole albums couldn’t fuck with one line.
They call em mixtapes just to get the buzz out.
I threw this on my mixtape just to put yo subs out.
Cause in the library women stay whispering.
Love what I’m writing and even more when there’s pictures there.
Picture this. I be straight whipping down Bissonnett.
Moved down south now I’m ice gold grillin it. (Keep up).
Isn’t it something. A lot of niggas is frontin.
Got a lot of young thuggas and none of em saying nothing.
I put that on my life gone shine a light on yo hideout. Got a million niggas, instead of sit ins we gone ride out.


from Coupeseason (Power), released September 16, 2015
Prod. By Jrobonthetrack



all rights reserved


Jones Houston, Texas

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