I Get It (feat. C. Rich & Prod. by E. White, Stokely Carmichael)

from by Jones

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I get it
I get it

I gotta convince you that I’m hot.
Convince you that I want the spot.
I gotta prove to you that I’m the man.
Ask them girls, they’ll tell you that.
But I get it. I don’t feel you. I get it.
When it come to this paper I tell my haters I get it.
Them clothes and them cars, you’d think I was a star. I get it.
Went to school and was a nerd and still a nigga balled.

Let’s get one thing clear.
It was understated I had the tape of the year, yeah the tape of the year.
But they confusing the fact that no chain don’t mean I don’t drop jewels in my raps.
Oh boy don’t make me act up, the worst thing you can face is a black man with his bachelors or I would say a black man with his Masters,
but that could mean a couple things I sit that on my shelf and young niggas don’t touch my ladder.
Does it matter that when I’m in the club I never act up, but I lace it on the tracks so that them thugs all throw they traps up, and they all fists.
When did it come to this? I guess they heard my shit. It’s all consciousness.
Profit shift, that’s profit share when I get there that mean we all on.
They need dope, I spit Heroin in every song.
So get addicted cause them kids need it. And hurry up cause most of em feinin. And I get it.

I get it (repeat)

Excuse me, hey Mr. Shakur.
If they really listened to you, they’ll stay in school.
So I’m looking around the crowd for some Pac fans.
All I’m left with is me and a couple of my friends,
but they don’t really understand or feel my position.
Well, some of em do, but then I claim they don’t listen.
I be trippin in the crib just feeding my mind cause I know everyday we fightin for time.
I’m a slave to my craft and I don’t wanna think about it.
Always slave to something, now the job got me thinking bout it.
So I hit the bar and I’m trynna get a drink up out it.
Trynna find a girl, you know the one. Don’t make me think about her.
She told me. That it’s okay. It’s okay. (I get it) Young and living baby, you’re just living baby and I get it.

Tell my niggas I’m wit it and Imma fight till the day they put me in the ground.
I get it.
So never question my intentions when I’m in or when I’m outta town. Cause I get it.
Told em life ain’t all about paper, but you gotta get paper.
Do whatever it’s taking. I get it.
Head up see through them haters.
Got no time to be patient.
If you want it, go take it.

Imma ride for my niggas. Die for my niggas. At the end of the day I’m still down for my niggas. Always.
Kick knowledge to my niggas. Empower my niggas. At the end of the day it’s still power to the people. Always.


from Coupeseason (Power), released September 16, 2015
feat. C. Rich & Prod. by E. White, Stokely Carmichael
Mixed by Trakksounds



all rights reserved


Jones Houston, Texas

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